DCS History

Paul Bert DCS history

DCS History In 1670, Robert Boyle looked into the eye of a snake he had depressurized in a chamber, and noticed a bubble growing there. Boyle didn’t have a clue about what was causing it, but being a scientist, he dutifully recorded it. This stands as history’s first mention of decompression sickness (not by name), […]

SS.Raffaello Wreck

Bushehr (Raffaello Wreck)

SS.Raffaello Wreck Design and Construction In 1958, the Italian Line began planning new ships to replace the ageing MS Saturnia and MS Vulcania. Competition from jet airliners had not yet had a huge impact in the Mediterranean area and jobs were needed for Italian sailors and shipyard workers, so constructing new superliners seemed like an attractive idea […]

Nayband National Marine Park

Nayband National Marine Park

Nayband National Marine Park is one of the national parks in the south of Iran that with an area of more than 42 thousand hectares in Bushehr Province was recorded in 1382 by Supreme Council of Environment Protection as the first national marine park of the country. Nayband National Marine Park, located in the south […]

Efficient Breathing in SCUBA diving

proper breathing

Breathing in scuba diving is influenced by different factors like stress, fear, exhaustion, depth, heat, activity and trim. Stress, exhaustion, fear, heat and strenuous activity raises the rate of breathing and in severe conditions leads to Overexertion. Further more due to the ratio of depth to density, as we go deeper we consume more air. […]

SCUBA Diving

SCUBA diving

SCUBA stands for Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus which was introduced by famous french scientist and filmmaker, Jacques–Yves Cousteau in mid 20th century. It has a breathing system and a buoyancy control system. A SCUBA diver equipment usually consist of: BCD: Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) is a jacket-like system for adjusting your buoyancy in scuba diving. […]