SCUBA Diving

SCUBA diving

SCUBA stands for Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus which was introduced by famous french scientist and filmmaker, JacquesYves Cousteau in mid 20th century. It has a breathing system and a buoyancy control system.

A SCUBA diver equipment usually consist of:

  1. BCD: Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) is a jacket-like system for adjusting your buoyancy in scuba diving. The tank is also mounted at the back of BCD.
  2. Regulator 1st stage: is used for reducing the high pressure of tank air into a moderate pressure.
  3. Regulator 2nd stage (primary): is used to reduce the moderate pressure of first stage into ambient pressure and is also used as primary breathing mouth piece
  4. AAS or Octopus: Alternate Air Source (AAS) which is also called Octopus is the secondary breathing mouth piece or Regulator 2nd Stage used as back up for primary 2nd stage in emergencies which has a longer hose than primary one with a distinct color.
  5. SPG: Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) is used for measuring the amount of your tank air.
  6. Depth Gauge: is used to show the depth you are diving at.
  7. Mask: is used for giving you a clear vision during the dive since your vision is blurry without masks.
  8. Fin: is used for optimizing your thrust during the dive.
  9. Snorkel: is a tube like device helping you breath on the surface while your face is in the water.
  10. Protection Suit: is used for protecting your body against heat loss primarily and against injuries secondarily.
  11. Tank or Cylinder: is used as a container for your high pressure consuming air.
  12. Weight System: is used for going down and has two types: weight belt and BCD integrated.
  13. Signaling Device: is used for signaling your buddy or boat on the surface and has two types: audible and visible which both are necessary for a scuba diver.
  14. Dive Knife or Cutting Tool: is used for cutting a string or rope underwater,However, it is never used for attacking or harming animals.
  15. Dive Light (at Night Dives): is used to enlighten the environment during night dives.
  16. Dive Computers or Watches: is used mainly to monitor the time of your dive, but in dive computers they also show depth, temperature and rate of ascending.

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